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segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2011

Some certain words

This is my first post in English ever (at least here).That’s why it will be a little bit short, without many words, just some… Its title is one attempt to translate the blog’s name. Of course, I know the literal translation would be impossible, because the word AÍ on it (the blog’s name in Portuguese) is developing a new function in Portuguese language (see the post A propósito do título below), and I’m not so sure if the translation is really correct…  Anyway, I decided to post it for two reasons:
In the first place, when you study a new language, it is extremely important practicing it in the four communicative abilities: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Here is the place of writing (correctly or incorrectly) and I’ve not been writing anything in English for a while.
The second reason is that last Saturday I would have my weekly English class and I couldn’t attend it: I had to travel to the countryside earlier than I use to, in order to do a favor for my mom (involving buying chocolate in the Alecrim and…  I won’t detail here all I’ve done there).
Well, that’s it. I told you this post would be short. I have had nothing important to tell you in English yet. Furthermore, I don’t know if all of my readers (few but constant, I hope so) read in English.
So, see you!
P.S.: If whoever wants to comment, correcting me or whatever, feel free to do so… in a polite way, of course.

4 comentários:

  1. Love it! and with all due respect: countryside, in the Alecrim, to do a favor for my mom, no comma after 'that's why'

    ...about the translation...certain is too formal... i will think about it and come up with the perfect solution...hahhahahaaaaaaaaa as if that were possible!

  2. Yeah, Wild-son, ¬¬' u've got an international public... So, u r allowed to write an English. Hail to the Queen and to her brand-new granddauther-in-law!!

  3. About the title...

    I may offer a suggestion, may not I? Here it goes: "Some words around". It might seem weird, but it brings an idea of moviment, because sounds like something that is thrown through the air, or through an area, whatever (I think this is an embodied metaphor...).

    Another one: "Some words there". I don't deny that this sounds odder even, but it puts ur words next to ur readers, coming from u to who reads...

    I dunno.